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Ki Ekkhan Gaan Banaise Lyrics from Mentaaal movie: New Bengali Song Sung by Mika Singh

New movie Song starring Yash Dasgupta and the song Lyrics sung by Mika Singh | Iman Chakraborty | Sanajit Mondal. Lets Start Singing the trending song.

Bulbuli te dhan khayache khajna debo kii
Ajke toke dekhe buke jolche jonaki

Premer pakhi dicche uki ay re Chute ayy
Tor chokher oi dabanole purte e mon chay

Ek look a prem prothom suru
Monta amar nater guru
Jeina premer ghonta bajaise

Bondhu amar rosiya
Khatter upor bosiya
Ki akkhan gan banaisee(x2)

Tomay Bolchi kore dibbi
Amar lage tomay hebbi
Akhon daye baye jedik takai
I see you babby
Tomar Tana Tana Chokh
Ami boddo valo
A mon Tomay Chara Chonnocara Hoyeche ek Rog
Maa kali tomay chara anno montro jopina
Dekhle na tomay amar moner fever sarena

Ei besh valoi chilam tomay dekhar agete
Ei ghor katbe amar bosle biyer pirite

Jene shune tomar fade dhora ami debona
Daami ei monta amar khub sohoje pabena

Ashe Pashe chorcha akhon amay niye metre high
Jene Jay oli goli ami jodi hete jaii

Kothay kothay feshe gechi
Babu ami ese gechi
Jeii akkhan pyach lagaisee

Bondhu amar rosiye
Khatter opor bosiya
Ki akkhan gan banaisee

Song Detail:

Ki Ekkhan Gaan Banaise lyrics are from the pulsating movie Mentaaal, is a captivating fusion of diverse talents that promises to resonate with a wide audience. The powerhouse trio of Mika Singh, Iman Chakraborty, and Sanajit Mondal lend their voices, creating a dynamic musical experience.

Keshab Dey, the composer, skillfully weaves together a tapestry of melodies, setting the tone for the song. The catchy hook line by Sanajit Mondal becomes a memorable and infectious element, adding a distinct flavor to the composition.

Lyricists Rajat and Badal contribute poetic depth to the verses, while Mika Singh and Keshab Dey inject energy with their rap segments. The additional composition by Rajat, along with the music production by Arnab Chowdhury, enriches the song’s sonic palette.

The creative team extends to Anindya Biswas for the engaging intro design and Jakiruddin Khan for stroke and guitar design, enhancing the visual and musical appeal of “Ki Ekkhan Gaan Banaise.”

Subhadeep Mitra’s meticulous mix and mastering ensure that every element of the song finds its place, resulting in a polished and impactful auditory experience. This collaboration of talents establishes “Ki Ekkhan Gaan Banaise” as a standout track within the “Mentaaal” soundtrack, offering a vibrant and memorable musical journey.

Song Credit:
Song Ki Ekkhan Gaan Banaise
Singer Mika Singh | Iman Chakraborty | Sanajit Mondal
Movie Mentaaal
Composer Keshab Dey
Lyricist Rajat | Badal
Rap Mika Singh | Keshab Dey
Music Producer Arnab Chowdhury
Arrangement & programming  Ishan mitra
Mix & Master Subhodeep Mitra
Additional Composition Rajat
Intro Design Anindya Biswas
Hook Line Sanajit Mondal
Music Label Times Music Bangla

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