Eka Raat Shesh Lyrics | Mentaaal | Raj Barman

Eka Raat Shesh Lyrics from Mentaaal movie: New Bengali Song Sung by Raj Barman

New movie Song starring Yash Dasgupta and Nussrat Jahan the song Lyrics sung by Raj Barman. Lets Start Singing the trending song.

Chayader ektu bole de
Aaj keu nei pase amar haatar

Jaani haat tui cherechis
Tabu icche hoy toke fire paoar

Haowader kane kane kotha bole gechi
Sunte ki pasni aajo

Amake daroon sukhe kandiye geli
Bol na rekhechis ki khonj

Tui chara keu neii
Nodi ache dheu neii
Eka raat sesh amader…

Tobu toke vabteii
Veja chokh kadbei
Eka raat sesh amader


Vule jabo na vebeii
Poth harabo tori thikanayu

Dure jasss
Keno ato dure jasss
Bujhlina a mon je toke chayy

Keno pichutann ato oviman
Nijeke hariye bujhechiii

Amar pashee ghumer deshe
Eka hoya toke khujechii

Tui chara keu neii
Nodi ache dheu neii
Eka raat sesh amader…

Tabu toke vabteii
Veja chokh kadbeii
Eka rat sesh amader

Song Detail:

Eka Raat Shesh lyrics are from a soul-stirring composition from the movie Mentaaal unfolds as a musical masterpiece, drawing on the talents of a stellar team. Raj Barman’s emotive rendition breathes life into the song, making it a poignant auditory experience.

Keshab Dey, the composer, weaves a melodic tapestry that captures the essence of “Eka Raat Shesh.” The lyrics, penned by Keshab Dey and Badal, add a poetic depth that resonates with the emotions conveyed in the song.

Arnab Chowdhury’s role as the music producer brings an enchanting arrangement to the composition. The guitar design by Jakiruddin Khan and the delicate flute played by Nirmalya Humtoo Dey contribute to the rich musical landscape, creating a symphony of emotions.

The vocal harmony provided by Subhasish and Arnab adds an additional layer of depth to the song, enhancing its overall sonic appeal. Subhadeep Mitra’s meticulous mix and mastering ensure that every nuance of “Eka Raat Shesh” is finely tuned for a captivating listening experience.

This collaborative effort establishes “Eka Raat Shesh” as a standout track within the “Mentaaal” soundtrack, promising to leave a lasting impression with its evocative melody and poignant lyrics.

Song Credit:
Song Eka Raat Shesh
Singer Raj Barman
Movie Mentaaal
Composer Keshab Dey
Lyricist Keshab Dey | Badal
Music Producer Arnab Chowdhury
Guitar Design Jakiruddin Khan
Mix & Master Subhodeep Mitra
Flute Nirmalya Humtoo Dey
Vocal Harmony Subhasish, Arnab
Music Label Times Music Bangla

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